Had a dream last night about discovering that I had uploaded a half-finished page here, and let it stay up for days without ever posting the final version. Well, at least my subconscious has an accurate read on my anxieties….

Bianca: Sparrow!

Sparrow: Bianca!

Bianca: I have so much to tell you!

Sparrow: I have so much to tell you!

. . . and we can talk all about it after we’ve ditched the rest of this party.

Miranda: I’ll show you to the exit.

Sparrow: So they’ve been golems all along —

Bianca: Cohen was convinced he could give them actual souls —

Sparrow: Rosen gave me a PDF of Being Language 101 —

Ooh, hang on. Before we go, I have to make a detour.

Hey, you!

Bennett: Huh?

Game: 4-veg combo! Great hit, Veggie Pirate!

Sparrow: Remember your whole “the only way to stop dangerous Beings is to register them” plan? Well, guess what? These people know how to take the name of a dangerous Master off a Contract. Without killing them! And since they already have the Rabbit in custody, they can just do that, and leave all the Beings with nice Masters alone. So there!