Dun dun dunnn!

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Bennett: Did you know this was a thing they had?

Cybele: It never came up! And I thought I had such a good handle on Cohen’s research . . .

Bennett: Not even a vague mention while he was drinking?

Cybele: I wish!

Bennett: So what are the odds it’s a real thing?

Cybele: I don’t know — boss, I ‘m scared —


Bennett: Then we’re not taking any chances. Let’s go home.


Rosen: I hope I did not reveal too much . . .

Miranda: No, giving Sparrow the 101 packet was fine. Unlike your grad students, she isn’t getting course credit for reading it, so she might not even finish.

Now, go put in a few hours on the Patrick-reanimation!

Rosen: Yes, ma’am!

Poe: Brought you something, Master.

Miranda: Good job, Poe. Good job.

Chapter 19 ~ End