The omens of technical failure came true: the Rattle of Death returned to my scanner. What you see here is the first comic scanned with the working new one!

Thanks again to supporters. And, as a sidenote: your artist’s birthday is coming up on the 26th, so if you’ve been thinking of throwing a few dollars my way but were waiting for an occasion, now you’ve got one.

Sparrow: That’s, ah . . .

Sparrow (thinking): Really short.

Sparrow: . . . just what would fit on the first slide, right?

Miranda: Obviously!

Sparrow: Hey, it’s not like I can read the thing!

Miranda: It cuts off in the middle of a sentence.

Sparrow: And how would I know that?

There’s no punctuation, there’s nothing familiar at all . . . except where I can see the names . . .

Patrick: hff hah ahh

Miranda: Washington! Pay attention and give your Being a hug.

Bianca: Oh–! Turn into a smaller form, okay?

Shhh . . . everything’s going to be fine.

Patrick: whine

Miranda: We should really continue this in private.

Sparrow? There’s the door.

Sparrow: Wha– Hey!

Miranda: Rosen, go with her. You two can bond over, I don’t know, Jewish stuff. Break room’s down the hall. Tell them the boss said you could help yourself to coffee.