Spot: “Spot” is okay.

Bianca (off-panel): No, it isn’t! You’re a person, not a dog! What’s your name?

Spot: But we’re not “people.” We don’t have names of our own. Or if we ever did, we all forgot them ages ago. We use whatever names our masters give us. And I . . . I don’t have a master right now.

Sparrow: I’m fine sticking with “Spot.”

Bianca: You hush.

It sounds like this is your big chance to pick a name of your own.

Spot: W-what? No! Names are important! I can’t just pick one all by myself!

Bianca: Why not? It doesn’t have to be for forever. If you want to
change it later, that’s okay. If it feels overwhelming, maybe you could start by thinking of names you’ve used before, and pick one you liked?

Spot Patrick: …I liked “Patrick.”