Jany: K-Kara Lynn? Are you . . .

Kara Lynn: Yes?

Jany: You’re awake!

Kara Lynn: We don’t really sleep, you know. We only rest.

Jany: H-how long have you been not-sleeping there?

Kara Lynn: Hm . . . at 11:46 you fell asleep, while I was on your pillow in lizard form. At 11:48 I got down on the floor, and at 11:49 I changed to human form, and at–

Jany: It’s okay! You don’t need to tell me every detail. Forget it!

Kara Lynn: Master . . . Did I do something wrong? Should I not have . . . did you not want me here?

Jany: That’s not it at all! You didn’t do anything wrong. I want you here.

I . . . I want . . .

Jany’s Mum: JANY!! Why have you not taken out the rubbish yet? The truck comes by in an hour!

Jany: Be right there, Mum!