Poe: For a while, everything seemed fine. But since you’ve left, she keeps getting more and more unhappy . . . She’s losing interest in anything healthy. I adore her, and she can’t even believe it. You’re the only one I could think of who might be able to snap her out of it.

You can hardly blame her for keeping me secret before. Her father would never have approved, and you couldn’t have kept it from him.

Patrick: I wouldn’t have tried! I was loyal. I also wouldn’t have snuck off to meet someone behind my Master’s back. Just saying.

Poe: It’s for my Master’s sake that I’m doing this! How did your brand of loyalty work out? I know what your last Master did!

Patrick: Yeah? Well . . . well, shut up!


Sparrow: Uh, guys . . . ? Quit fighting for a minute, okay?


Sparrow: Hello?

Mom: Sparrow! I made it!

Sparrow: M-mom! Hang on a second. I’ll be right up!