Sparrow: The dog’s name is Spot.

And the bird is . . . uh . . .

. . . Birdie!


Ms. Applebaum: Is it okay for the bird not to be in a cage? Won’t they fight?

Sparrow: Fight? No! They love each other!

The bird isn’t actually ours. We’re, uh, bird-sitting for a . . . friend.

Patrick: (AHEM)

Sparrow: But Spot is definitely Bianca’s!

Ms. Applebaum: Well, you’re certainly going against the stereotype.

Unless there’s something you want to tell me?

Sparrow: Don’t worry, Mom . . . Bianca’s still a librarian.

. . . and I’m still gay.

Ms. Applebaum: You know I would still support you with a different lifestyle, right?

Sparrow: Yes, Mom.

Poe: (whistle)

Patrick: (tap tap)

Sparrow: Well, let’s hurry up and get to that shopping trip!

Ms. Applebaum: What’s the rush?

Sparrow: Just trying to be proactive! Time and groceries wait for no one!

Ms. Applebaum: Can I at least help you fix your armchair first?

Sparrow: Later!