Jany: You knew about this all along! You approved this! How long were you planning on keeping it from me? Did you think I wouldn’t care, is that it? Or were you just hoping I’d never find out?

Jany’s Mum: Listen to you! It’s not as if she can get sick from it, or hurt, or —

Jany: Stop making excuses! That you dared let Kara Lynn go on thinking I had ordered her to — !

Jany’s Mum: That’s enough! I don’t know what’s gotten into you! The mouth on you these days! Your grandparents never could have saved enough to come here without that money to count on! And now! How do you think we afford your posh school, hm? Your brother in uni — were you thinking maybe they gave him a scholarship?

Jany’s Dad: Listen to your mother, dear.