Poe: Careful, Master. Don’t fall when my wings aren’t there to catch you.

Miranda: That’s right . . . I still have you, don’t I, Poe?

Poe: Of course.

Miranda: But then . . . you were devoted to me from the instant I contracted. I can’t be that wonderful.

Your feelings aren’t real, are they? They’re part of your — like everyone’s calling it on the news — programming.

Poe: Master, I — mmph!

Miranda: It’s fine! I’ll deal with it. Fake love is better than no love, right?

Besides, Patrick was never contracted to me. He was only forced to love my father — in spite of everything. And now he’s forced to put that woman first. When, without the contract, he might not even like her!

All I have to do is figure out how to hack his “program.” To erase the part that makes him so attached. Then he can finally be free.