Kara Lynn: Will a few souvenirs really be all you want? You know that I could always–

Jany: No! I won’t want anything I haven’t earned myself.

Besides, I want this trip to be a gift for you. I didn’t always treat you so well back when Gran owned you.

(Case in point.)

Young Jany: So she can heal from anythin’?

. . .


Parent (offscreen): Jany!!

Young Jany: What?! She’ll get better!

Past Kara Lynn: Should I take it out, Master?

Kara Lynn: As if I would hold a thing like that against you! Besides, you’ve grown so much since then.

Jany: If you mean “grown” in the metaphorical sense.

Kara Lynn: If it would make you feel better, I can always become shorter than you.