A moment of soapboxing: Grand juries fail to return an indictment in only 11 cases out of 162,000. Darren Wilson got to be one of them, even though it is undisputed that he shot an unarmed teenager in the middle of the street. (This doesn’t mean he was found “not guilty.” This means the jury decided not to even have a trial.) Ferguson National Response Network has protests and information. Justice For Mike Brown has, among other things, a collection of other ways to help.

And for heaven’s sake, fellow white people, stop concern trolling about how black-on-black crime also exists. People who really care about the issue hold campaigns and marches and protests about it all the time. People who bring it up to shut down conversations about the killings of black teenagers by cops don’t actually care about the issue, or they would have done enough basic research to know this.

(By the way, 83% of the murders of white people in the US are committed by white people. And yet nobody ever wrings their hands about the epidemic of white-on-white violence in this country.)




Kara Lynn: Oof.

Jany: Kara Lynn! Did you — win?

Walker: Blake! Did you lose?

Walker (whispering): Now the girl can tell anyone she likes that the Game is not just a game! And if the Lizard fought this hard with no training, just sheer desperation, how do you think the trained fighters will react when they get wind of this? You let your guard down like that around them, and they’ll take you apart! Until I lose you! Is that what you want?

Blake (whispering): No, boss! Never, never, never!