Jany: Come on, Kara Lynn, snap out of it . . . go back to human form . . . All right, there?

Kara Lynn: Y-yes! Give me a moment to grow out the hair.

Jany: That was incredible! How did you do it?

Kara Lynn: Well, I transitioned halfway back to my monster form . . . And then Blake was on me, so I just focused on going up in a massive fireball. Did you like it?

Jany: Honestly, it was terrifying and I never want to have to see it again. But what matters is that you’re okay!

So, Walker . . . I won, right? That means you have to tell me the truth now, yeah?

Walker: Oh, I have been. The apocalypse is coming. I can show you the research. What you do about it will be up to you. Me, I’m an old woman. I expect the third or fourth rain of blood and fire will do me in. But I will do everything in my power to see to it that Blake survives.