Bianca: Anyway, it’s one of the stores over at Cambridge Plaza.

Camellia: The one that’s only a couple of T stops from here?

Bianca: That’s the place. Why?

Camellia: How big is her “getting pulled into adjacent Being battles” range these days . . . ?

Not far off.

Sparrow: I will not kill Bianca. Killing is wrong. I will not kill Bianca. Killing is wrong . . .

Bianca: I guess that means we should cut this short, huh.

Camellia: Probably for the best.

Bianca: And I wanted to have a nice long mentor-y talk about whether to tell my date I have a Being . . .

Camellia: If it —

— was me, I wouldn’t even date someone that I couldn’t tell about Reseda.

But with Patrick . . . where we can’t let his ex-Master find out where he is . . . You might not want to take any risks until you’re sure you really like her.