Bianca: How did you know which remote to use.

Emma: So, what’s up?

Bianca: It’s a long story . . . look, can you keep a secret? Not a bad one, just . . . a secret one.

Emma: Sure, easy. I work with eight-year-olds, remember?

I’m not even out of the closet on the job. You would not believe the tantrums that parents can throw over not-bad things in a teacher’s personal life.

Bianca: Oh yes I would. You don’t know my parents. Anyway. . . how much do you know about Beings?

Emma: Like the Rabbit that caused all that trouble on the T a while back? I didn’t go downtown for a week, waiting for them to clean up the damage. But they’re not usually like that, right? Most of the time they’re cute and fuzzy and helpful.

Bianca: Right! And I know that because . . . my “roommate” Patrick is one of them.

Emma: Is that all? Phew!

Sorry, for a minute there I was afraid you were going to say he was your boyfriend. Nothing personal, but I’m not into poly.

Bianca: . . . He is definitely not that. I have a hard enough time dating one person, let alone two.