Walker: Whatever mind-altering substances John of Patmos was on, some of his visions do have striking parallels in other texts.

For instance, the heralds of the apocalypse include four “living creatures” — in Greek, τέσσαρα ζῷα — who sing praises around the throne of the Almighty.

Their description echoes that of creatures seen in a vision by the prophet Ezekiel five centuries earlier: monstrous animal shapes, a multitude of wings, hundreds of eyes all over their bodies.

They are the ones who call forth the Four Horsemen.

I’ve been tracing references to these creatures through more-obscure texts for decades now. Have you guessed why yet?

Jany: I’ve never seen Kara Lynn with more than two eyes, so . . . no.

Walker: Is that so.

Blake! It’s time to show the girl your monster form.