This is the first time we’ve seen a close-up of Representative Park’s face, but she’s appeared in a couple of panels before. Free bonus art to the first person who finds them!


Reseda: We were talking about how to investigate Sparrow’s little quirk. Can she barge in on a battle when it’s any two of us fighting, or just Patrick?

Patrick: We’d have to find another Being to test it with. One whose Master is trustworthy. And one who’s willing to battle Reseda even if it means passing up a fight with me.

Sparrow: We could ask this Miranda chick. But it doesn’t sound like she’d be happy to do us any favors.

There’s the guy with the rabbit. Who doesn’t seem totally stable, to be honest.

Reseda: At least it would be a good show. Cybele — that’s what she’s called these days — is in top form.

Sparrow: And there’s Representative Park. If she’s interested the next time she comes back up from DC.

Those research projects, Walker and Cohen, would probably hook me up with someone . . . but I don’t like the idea of being a lab rat, you know? Uh, no offense to the rat-shaped Being.