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Bianca: Sparrow, I’m surprised you’re even thinking about this! We decided to try to keep Patrick safe. To avoid forcing him to fight for no reason. But you’re talking about making other people like him do the exact same fights — and for what? To satisfy your curiosity about some random thing?

You think that’s worth some other Being breaking their arm? Getting bitten? Getting maimed?

Reseda: You think you can singlehandedly stop the Game? Even if you don’t play, others will.

(skritch skritch)

May as well find someone who will . . . higher, back a little . . . ooh, right there.

Patrick: Don’t you make fun of my Master! Maybe she’s right. Maybe we shouldn’t encourage the Game at all.

Bianca: Do you really think that, Patrick? Or are you just trying to say what I want to hear?

Patrick: Saying what you want to hear. Did I get it right?

(skritch skritch)

Reseda: You don’t have to make a binding decision right now. It ‘s not like we’re going anywhere.