Cybele’s Master: Cybele . . . Is there any way to make you go . . . somewhere?

Cybele: Sure is, Master! Where do you want me to go?

That’s not what I mean. What I’m saying is, this Contract of yours . . .

Cybele: Ours.

Cybele’s Master: Right, ours . . . is there anything that would break it? Any way to stop you from being so bound to me?

Cybele: Master . . . are you saying that you’re . . .

. . . scared? Afraid I might disapprove of what you’re having me do and run away? It’s okay! I could never do that to you!

Cybele’s Master: Th–That’s not what I– I’m the one who gets to disapprove of you! What does it take to get you to cause a little mayhem, huh?

Cybele: Silly! All you had to do was ask.