Sparrow: This is when Bee and I usually catch up on our shows. I got this TV set free off a curb. And it works great! Do you want to stay and watch with us?


Bianca: She may have to stick around anyway. Service alert on the Red Line.

Sparrow: Eh, it’s probably north of us. I’ll look up the details — just let me hook up the video cable first . . .

Reseda: I didn’t take the T here. I walked. I can probably hang around if my Master’s okay with it.

Bianca: You want to call her? Here, you can borrow my phone.

Reseda: Thanks!

*ahem* Call Master.

Bianca: Oh, it’s not a smart phone. You have to type in the–

(deedily deedily deedily)

Reseda: Eh? Ehhh?

Phone: Incoming call from: Camellia