Dr. Lopez (off-panel): Mr. Mattei? I hope you haven’t been waiting long!

Timothy: No, we just got here . . .

Dr. Lopez: Splendid! A few forms to sign, before we begin the testing. Standard informed consent for you and your Being.

I’m Dr. Lopez. I’ll be supervising everything today. And you must be the Cat!

Reseda: Call me Reseda.

Dr. Lopez: What a unique name. After all we’ve heard, it’s lovely to finally meet you.

Timothy: “All they’ve heard” . . . ?

Reseda: I’ve had a few authors for Masters. Thorvald Björnsson wrote a whole saga about me. Maybe they have a copy.

Timothy: A “saga”? How long ago was this?

Reseda: Dunno. Couple hundred years? Maybe a thousand? I lose track.