I hate drawing helicopters. Why do I keep coming up with plots that require them?

Someone from the Bennett campaign: Aaht, ahh you theah? C’mon, pick up!

Poe: Master, to get rid of the Rabbit, they’ve called in . . .

Miranda: I don’t care.

Poe: But . . . Tracking these things used to make you so happy . . .

Miranda: Well, it doesn’t any more, okay? Leave me alone!

Official: Police. Area in front of the station is clear of pedestrians and gawkers. You’re free to land any time. Please make it quick.

Ann Walker: Did that radio say they’re calling in an expert?

Tiger: Yes, but it’s not you.

Ann Walker: Oh, good. In that case, be a dear and freshen my martini.

Sparrow: It isn’t . . . It can’t be . . . !

It’s the evil twin from two seasons ago! And he’s RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!