MBTA security: Shuttle to all Red Line stops is this way. Silver Line including the airport is that way. Please make way for people to get through.

People, please! The traffic cones are here for a reason!

Reporters: Mr. Cohen!

Mr. Cohen, do you think this attacker has an agenda?

How are you planning to subdue it?

Does your research indicate any reason why it’s pink?

Cohen: No comment! I’ll take all your questions once the job is done.

Cohen (thinking): If this falls flat, I’m going to look like such a putz . . .

Cohen: Hey, when this is over, can I get some free ad space as a reward?

Marshal: Don’t ask me, man. I can’t even get extra vacation time.

Cybele: *koff koff* Mister, is this the way out?

Marshal: Yes! Go right up the stairs, turn around, and find the ambulance. You know what an ambulance looks like?

Cybele: Uh-huh.

Cohen: . . .