Yeeeeaaaahhh, a lot of you saw this coming. Apparently I can only draw one kind of face for a middle-aged Jewish man.

At least it’ll make him easy to cast for the live-action movie…?

In other news, BICP now has a Tumblr! It’s not required reading to understand the comic, any more than our Facebook page is; but it’ll have art and bonus (spoiler-free) ramblings about the characters, and you can ask questions and/or suggest related things to reblog, and it’ll all be very exciting, I’m sure.


[The escalators are turned off, don’t worry.]

Cohen: [mysterious text]?

Cybele: Who, me?

I mean . . . gosh, mister, I didn’t understand that at all.

Cohen: Nice try.

Cybele: Awright, you got me. But how long can you keep me for?

Cohen: Let’s find out. [more mysterious text]

Cybele: Yipes!