Police rep: Top marks at the Academy, ten years on the force, and now I’m interrogating a rabbit.

Cohen: Don’t underestimate her. Cute or not, she’s at least a few thousand years old.

Police rep: And pathologically attached to a human who, judging by the pattern of the destruction, is emotionally about twelve. You put a spell on it for long enough to drag it here. Can’t you just zap it into saying its controller’s name?

Cohen: I’ve already done two spells tonight. You know how exhausting these things are? Besides, it’s obvious that she’s been directly ordered to keep that secret. We couldn’t force it out of her. It would only make her unreasonably upset if we tried.

Police rep: Hm. Convenient.

Cohen: . . .

Police rep: We’ll have a couple of officers rotating along with your
usual security people, and get some more experts here by morning. And . . . did you give it a pillow?

Cohen: Is that a problem? Just because we’re not legally required to make them comfortable doesn’t mean we can’t.

Police rep: . . . Fine. I’ll see you tomorrow, Mr. Cohen.

Cohen: Hey. You.

Cybele: Who, me?

Cohen: That’s right. Do you know how much trouble your Master could get in for this?