Cybele is playing a modified version of Pascal’s Wager, which can be summed up as “I choose to believe this, not because there is any logic or evidence to back it up, but because wouldn’t it suck if I didn’t?”


Cybele: Oh, he could get into plenty of trouble. But it won’t be because I let him down.

Cohen: Do you . . . love him?

Cybele: I love him the most!


Cohen: Then can’t you stop and consider . . .

That maybe, sometimes, the best thing for him would be . . . to disobey him?

Cybele: There’s a lot I can consider, Mr. Cohen. But what would be the good of it? Can you keep from crying by considering things? If he has no plan to get us out of this, refusing to believe in him won’t fix that. And if it turns out he had it covered all along, I will have been sad for no reason.

So I choose to believe he has a plan!

(Headline: Being Subdued in Boston Subway)

Bennett, in hoodie: Dammit, why didn’t I make a plan for this?

Chapter 6 ~ End