Dr. Lopez: The identity of the trickster-figure in this scroll has been hotly debated for some time. If it sounds familiar . . .

Reseda: I ‘ll let you know! Lay it on me.

But she died in a storm crossing the sea here . . . Or maybe that was my next Master?

I don’t think I can get any smaller. Unless you want me to tuck in my tail?

A. B. L. P. I. A. G.

Dr. Lopez: Excellent. Can you do the line below?

Timothy: Um, if this story involves a crime . . .

Dr. Lopez: The only thing we’re required to report is child abuse. So if there’s any of that involved, don’t tell me! Haha.


Reseda: I could get a little bigger if you wanted.

Timothy: N-not here! You’ll break the window!

“Obey my next order. Don’t obey my previous order.”

Reseda: Tsk, Master. That ‘s a paradox.

Dr. Lopez: Here’s a copy of the raw data. We can mail you the full analysis when it comes in.

Timothy: Um, no thanks.

Dr. Lopez: Suit yourself! Next comes the observation during battle. If you’ll just step down the hall?