Sparrow: I guess I’ll leave you to it? If there’s anything you need a hand with, just come and find me.

Reseda: We’ll be fine! If you hear any screaming, ignore it. I know what I’m doing.

Patrick: As if you could make me scream.

Reseda: No, that’s right. You’re more of a crier, aren’t you?

Sparrow: Okay, this is too much straight innuendo for me. I’m outta here.

Patrick: ? How can battle innuendo be “straight”?

Reseda: Beats me. Humans are weird sometimes. Ready to let me see the injuries?


Patrick: It looks worse than it is. Probably wouldn’t even have swollen up if I hadn’t used it as a flail after the joint snapped.

Reseda: I . . . was not expecting that.

Patrick: Neither was Poe.