Bianca: Due back on the 18th.

Patron (offscreen): Do you have the rest of the series?

Bianca: I can check . . .

Patron (offscreen): Are you here all day?

Bianca: Another hour or so.

Patron (offscreen): Do you want to get coffee when you’re done?

Cute Freckled Girl: I don’t know why I said that. I don’t even like coffee. I do like soda. Tea. Milkshakes. We could get one of those. What do you think?

Bianca (imagined): I think, how lucky am I to be asked out by someone this pretty?

Cute Freckled Girl (imagined): Aw, thanks! You’re awfully cute yourself!

Bianca (imagined): You aren’t by any chance spying on me in order to try to capture and/or maim my dog, are you?

Cute Freckled Girl (imagined): Okay, you’re cute, but nuts.

Bianca: Um, well . . . I have to get home. My roommate’s sick . . .

Cute Freckled Girl: Oh. I see. Maybe some other time.