Miranda: No need. I gave them an ungodly amount of money to restore their fifth most historic building. They won’t kick me out even if I never attend a class again.

Of course, you could’ve gotten that for yourself if you’d used Fourth Mercury.

Sparrow: . . . Is he related to Freddie Mercury?

Miranda: This from a person who claims to know her Being hacks.

Sparrow: Hey! Maybe I’m just acting clueless to throw you off track! You don’t know!

Miranda: Mmhmm. It’s a good act.

Sparrow: You keep being snippy, and I’ll get Bee to stop letting Patrick see you. And you didn’t answer my question — what’s the deal with Bennett?

Miranda: Wouldn’t you like to know?

Sparrow: Yes! That’s why I asked!

Miranda (thinking): I don’t know either. But whatever he’s agreed to do for Dad, I hope a little scare will give him second thoughts. He’s one who can’t possibly be as clueless as he acts.

Backstage with Bennett.

Campaign staffer: Great closing argument, Congressman. The home audience will love it!

Bennett: You think the flag pin was big enough to show up properly on-camera?