Cybele: And even if the American people aren’t blogging about it NOW, that ‘s no guarantee the Internet won’t pick it up eventually . . .

The Internet.

Sparrow (blogging): Congressman Arthur Bennett totally has a Being. Pass it on.

Walker: I am so glad I pay people to wade through this morass and extract a short representative sample.

Blake: If other people share our suspicions about Bennett, is that good or bad for us?

Tina (blogging): omg tho what if diplomacy was for real setTLED BY B EING BATTLES IM CRYING

Guy in his basement (blogging): OF COURSE the People in Congress all Have Beings.Its a Conspiracy passed down From the Founding Fathers.WAKE UP SHEEPLE

Woman at a desk (blogging): So he’d have to register under his own act?? That’s exactly like this X-Men AU I’m writing at my desk when work gets boring!

Dotan (blogging): [[ooc: hey does anyone mind if I redesign my Beingsona so she does politics??]]

Walker: Considering that it’s THESE people? I feel safe in saying we don’t need to rewrite the strategy playbook just yet.