Cybele: Reason one: Cohen has a daughter!

Bennett: Uh-huh . . .

Cybele: You know that men with daughters are all good and wonderful, and just want to make the world safe for their little girls.

Bennett: Oh, of course.

[Bennett’s Imagination]

Cybele: Reason two: Walker is a woman, and women are less likely to be trustworthy.

Bennett: Hey! That is a terrible, sexist thing to say.

Cybele: Oh! Is that why you don’t say it, you just think it?

Bennett: Are you sassing me?

Cybele: I am not emotionally capable of “sassing” you, boss.

Bennett: . . . Why don’t we just move on.

Cybele: Okay! Third reason you feel like doing what Cohen wants, more than Walker —

—- — ———- —– — —- —- —–

Bennett: WHAT.

Cybele: Yep! That’s the one I knew you weren’t going to like.

Bennett: Because it is NOT TRUE, that’s why!

Cybele: I’m obligated to agree with you if you order me to, boss!