Bennett: I’m not ordering you not to think something! But don’t say it! It’s rude. And slanderous. And wrong! I had a very happy, very traditional marriage!

Cybele: You did?

Bennett: . . . okay, no, I had a terrible angry wreck of a marriage. But the “very traditional” part was true!

Besides, it only went wrong because — If it hadn’t been for — Things would have gotten better! After the baby was born.

Cybele: Is that how it usually works?

Bennett: I — I want you to stop talking now.

You’re going to write something instead? You know all I have to do is not read it, right?

. . . Let me see.



Bennett: Okay, okay, you can say it out loud! Just don’t cry!

Cybele: Thanks, boss! You’re the best ♥