Q. Can a Being Contract to another Being?

A. No. Nor can they be contracted to animals. (For the record, there aren’t any sapient extraterrestrials in this universe.) It only works with humans.

Q. I wondered if beings ever get jealous of their masters, either if they’re paying attention to other beings or other people. Probably is different from being to being, but I know that their emotions aren’t quite human, so they might not at all.

A. Yes, Beings can get jealous. (That’s what’s going on in this strip with Patrick, for instance.) It varies from Being to Being, and it also depends a lot on how secure they are in their Master’s affections. The current version of Patrick has a hard time trusting in his importance to Bianca; a lot of the other Beings we’ve met are more secure.

Q. Could Beings use their animal identity as a name? With multiple languages you could even find a name that sounds halfway normal, for example, My name is Cat, my name is neko, my name is Kassi.

A. Afraid not. The limits are based on underlying meaning, so you can’t get around them with clever phrasing. A Being can say things like “I am the Cat,” but it’s just a characteristic like “I am a blonde” or “I am tall”, not an individual identity.