Sparrow: Well! You don’t need me for this part, so I’m going to run and catch a workshop now.

Bianca: See you later, Sparrow!

Listen, ah, “Saturn” . . .

I’ve only ever been in two battles myself. And one was with a friend, who had offered to show me how it worked. We don’t go looking for fights.

We can agree on conditions up front, too, to make things less dangerous. Maybe a limit like “only energy attacks, nothing physical.” I don’t like Patrick to get hurt in these fights either, you know?

Although he never brought up that not fighting at all might have risks too . . .

Oh, and, damage doesn’t carry over between forms! They can do the whole fight as animals, then stay in human form until those bodies heal. Or vice versa.

Jany: . . . Can we do the battle in giant-animal forms?

Bianca: I . . . am not sure if that counts as a separate . . .

Patrick: It does.

Bianca: Okay! Then sure, we can do that.