Jany: My gran used to tell me stories about the worlds Beings came from. I always thought she was exaggerating . . .

Bianca: “Came from”?

Jany: Yeah. Isn’t that what this–

Sparrow: There you are! Thanks for the flashy air battle, or I never would have found you.

Jany: What is she doing here?? Is she a ghost?

Bianca: No, it’s okay, this happens sometimes.

Sparrow: You got any theories? Because I’d love to hear them.

Jany: Could you be a Being yourself? The Sparrow, maybe?

Sparrow: I’ve been writing stuff all my life. And no luck with creating flashy sigils so far.

Jany: Any chance you’re descended from one?

Sparrow: Okay, let me rephrase: do you have any new theories?