Tomorrow is BICP’s second anniversary!

Your challenge, loyal readers, should you choose to accept it: Use this as an excuse to promote the comic. Mention it in a blog post or journal entry. Tweet or Facebook the link. Tumbl a photoset of your favorite scenes. Maybe even draw some fanart and share it on the art site of your choice.

Link to BICP with your account on at least one social media site before the week is out. Then, if it’s a post you can share here, please do so! You just might find yourself +faved/reblogged/otherwise appreciated =)


Sparrow: The weird thing is, I could’ve sworn I was farther from you two than I got from the Cybele-Reseda battle, way back when. And I didn’t get zapped onto that battlefield, or slice of Eden, or whatever it is.

You don’t think my range is expanding, do you? Because that would suck. I don’t want to start appearing in random fields every time you’re taking on Poe across town!

Bianca: I sure hope that’s not it. When we get home, we can try having some fights with Camellia to test it, okay?

Jany: How can you be talking about scheduling new battles already? You don’t even know how your Being is going to come out of this one!

Bianca: Sorry! I’ll hurry up and end this one.

Patrick! Take a fall!