Jany: H-how do you feel?

Kara Lynn: Not worse . . .

Jany: Do you think you’ll start passing out again?

Kara Lynn: I suppose we’ll find out.

Bianca: You aren’t hurt in this body, are you?

Patrick: Bumped my head . . . Nothing serious.

Bianca: That’s two battles lost, one won . . . Will your “code” have problems if you lose the Game too often, or will it be fine as long as you’re playing?

Patrick: I don’t know! As far as I can remember, it hasn’t been tested. Can I have my collar back now?

Bianca: Why do I get the feeling there are more things you’re not telling me?

Patrick: There are lots of things I haven’t told you! I know a lot! Most of it you’ve never asked about! You can’t get mad at me for that!