Jany: Right, then, what if it turns out this didn’t fix anything? What do we —

Sparrow: Okay, I got out of line for my workshop and am never gonna make it in now, but I have to ask . . .

Do I smell nice to you? Or seem mysteriously familiar? Or have any kind of random appeal, even if you can’t explain why?

Kara Lynn: . . .

Sparrow: !!


Kara Lynn: You seem like a normal human to me.

Sparrow: Geez, warn a person before you do a thing like that!

Jany: Kara Lynn! You can’t just lick a virtual stranger like that!

Kara Lynn: Really? Then how can I lick one?

Bianca: She’s a Lizard, so that’s how she smells things, right?

Patrick: Yes! That was a normal and reasonable thing to do!

Sparrow asked because a few of us have had strange reactions to her. But it’s okay if you don’t! Even I find her much less weirdly appealing now that I’ve gotten to know her!

Sparrow (offscreen): Hey!