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Bianca: Hey, Patrick . . . Would you like to spend some time with Kara Lynn? Not fighting, just hanging out?

Patrick: . . . Not fighting? What would we do instead?

Jany: Don’t push your luck, mate. I don’t trust you that far. Besides, there’s a sculpting event in a quarter of an hour that we don’t want to miss.

Sparrow: Are you talking about the Sculpt Your Own Chibi workshop? Because that’s the line I got out of. It’s at least ten percent overbooked by now. Nobody who shows up at this point is getting in.

Jany: . . .

. . . I hate cons.

Sparrow: Hey, c’mon, it’s not that big a–

Jany: Never mind! We have another thing to go to right now. Goodbye!

Kara Lynn: Goodbye, Patrick! It was nice to see you!

Sparrow: I’m violetbauble on JournalPress. Look me up any time!

Jany: You remember that, okay?

Kara Lynn: Of course.