Kara Lynn: Do you think it’s true? This theory that we were “created” for fighting?

Patrick: H-how would I know? I don’t remember that far back any more than you do! All I know is how I feel now. That for me, there’s no “satisfaction” without being good for my Master — following her orders, being how she wants. The Game is the only thing that seems worthwhile regardless of whether my Master cares about it . . . or even if she doesn’t like it. Her feelings don’t change the fact that if I can win, it ‘s a — a glory to her name.

Kara Lynn: Glory . . . That’s how it feels. I had almost forgotten what that was like . . .

Patrick: Now imagine how much better it would feel if you had actually won.

Kara Lynn: What? I did win.

Patrick: Technically you won. If I had been allowed to go all-out, you wouldn’t have stood a chance.

Kara Lynn: But you weren’t, so how would you know?