How’s everybody doing on this fine day?

Jany and Kara Lynn?

Jany: I can’t believe I’m looking forward to getting back to sleeping on my brother’s couch.

Kara Lynn: Master…

Miranda and Poe?

Miranda: I can’t believe I’m waiting for the end of a Florida vacation.

Poe: You’re waiting to see Patrick. It’s only natural.

Timothy and Reseda?

Timothy: I can’t believe it’s not butter!

Reseda: Is that from the store that keeps trying to “donate” expired food? I can’t believe we’re still accepting stuff from them at all!

Sparrow and Bianca?

Sparrow: I can’t believe this rain!

Bianca: It gets like this in Massachusetts too.

Sparrow: Yeah, and I figured that was a freak of nature!

Ann Walker and her Being?

Walker: I can’t believe how long that took.

The Tiger: Sorry, Master. At least you don’t have any meetings until the afternoon.

Tina and Dotan?

Tina: I can’t believe your costume didn’t win! I bet you were the only real wolf there!

Dotan: Um . . . about that . . .