Jany: Wait. Does that mean he was . . .

Bianca: . . . the other Being you said was here?

Patrick: That’s right. I haven’t seen her for a couple of lifetimes. Last time we met, I think I was the one with braided hair.

Kara Lynn: Last time we met, I think he was a girl.

Jany: Wait, you can do that?

Kara Lynn: Why not? Sex, race, age . . . the differences don’t matter to us. Our bodies don’t have needs like yours, so the form isn’t important. As long as we’re loved.

Jany: So he probably wasn’t a creepy bloke trying to cop a feel, then.

Kara Lynn: It doesn’t seem likely.

Jany: Could he at least have been a creepy Being trying to pick a fight?

Kara Lynn: I don’t know. We didn’t stay long enough to ask.