Sparrow: So she just keeled over? Poor thing.

Bianca: That’s right. She seemed fine after she woke up, though . . .

Sparrow: So it was almost as if she crashed, and had to reboot?

As if maybe she was . . . a Cylon??

Bianca: Mmhmm. Patrick, you have to be more careful, okay? If those security guys had asked to see your ID . . .

Patrick: !!

Kara Lynn: Excuse me . . . My Master said I should find out if you’re not really terrible.

Bianca: There’s another one?

Patrick: No, she’s the same one! What are you called now?

Kara Lynn: Kara Lynn. You?

Patrick: Patrick! That’s the shape you used the last time we met, right?

Kara Lynn: Yes! Back in . . .

. . . um . . .

Patrick: It was a hot place.

Kara Lynn: Right . . . and was there a war . . . ?