Patrick: This is my Master.

Bianca: Bianca.

Patrick: She’s very not terrible! And this is her friend Sparrow!

Sparrow: Ahem.

Patrick: She is okay.

Kara Lynn: So you have a friend that you can share this with . . . ?

My Master doesn’t tell her friends much at all. The ones on the Internet don’t even know her name. They call her saturn39. She’ll probably want you to call her Saturn too. If she thinks you sound trustworthy enough to come over at all . . .

Here she is!

Jany: ‘Lo. Sorry about earlier. Kara Lynn, you can go back to normal now.

Kara Lynn: Normally I’m a girl for her, because she doesn’t like boys.

Jany: Careful! They might get the wrong–

Sparrow: Nah, it’s fine. I don’t like boys either.

Bianca: Boys are fine on a case-by-case basis, but girls are pretty great too.

Patrick: Look at us, all getting along! Isn’t this nice? This is so nice.