Had a serious scare while making this page, since when I turned on my scanner it let out a Horrifying Death Rattle and error’d out.

Two restarts and some well-placed whacking later, it recovered enough to scan the page. We’ll see how long it stays that way.

And on that note, a huge and heartfelt thank-you to everyone who’s supported But I’m A Cat Person on Patreon! I’ve pre-emptively ordered a new scanner, so this comic will not have to go on surprise!hiatus when my current machine suffers Critical Hardware Death, and you are the ones who made that possible.

Miranda: We’re not going to do the usual tests today. I’m in the middle of a big language project.

It’s easier to show you than to explain, so I’ll have my other guest pull up the data. Dr. Rosen . . . !

Why don’t you introduce yourself.

Dr. Rosen: It’s lovely to meet you! I am Tansy Rosen, and I study Beings as a side project to my very profitable day job of archaeologist. I have spent most of the past five years on various digs in Jerusalem, all funded by generous grants from the Cohens!

This beautiful lady is my own Being.

Luthien: Call me Luthien!

Rosen: And you must be Miranda’s friends!

Sparrow: You explained us to her as your “friends”?

Miranda: That is definitely not the word I used.