Sparrow at work.

Bennett (on TV): Let me explain this real clearly.

When we give tax benefits to the poor, it encourages them to be lazy, and not work as hard. When we give tax cuts to the rich, that encourages them to work harder, and be the job-creating innovators we need.

Sparrow: If the rich are so great at creating jobs, then where’s mine, huh? I’m not proud! I’d work for minimum wage! Just give me an opening!

Bennett (TV): And we don’t want people to settle for minimum-wage jobs! That’s why we can’t make the minimum wage livable!

Sparrow: Do you even listen to yourself when you talk?!

Bennett (TV): Employment numbers have gone down, and SNAP enrollment has gone up. Coincidence? No! Obviously it means people are quitting their jobs to hop on the food stamp gravy train!

1. Visit Cybele
2. ????
3. Rescue!

Bennett (TV): We can’t lower taxes on food. That would just encourage the behavior of buying food!

Bennett (thinking): Nailed it.