Bennett: I —

— that’s a really good question. Why didn’t I ever do that?

Cybele: Because you didn’t want to, boss! Didn’t you realize that?

Bennett: I don’t even know how you got that form in the first place!

It’s not like I ever told you about the accident. And how would you find out? Looking it up online? You can’t even read!

Cybele: There was an accident? I’m real sorry to hear it! I didn’t know that part.

I just knew . . .

. . . you had a blank space in your life . . .

. . . and that it was shaped something like this! And I could tell you would need to yell at me a lot, but it would be okay, because you weren’t really mad, just sad!

Cohen: Aaaand now I’m feeling sorry for you again. I’m really not sober enough to deal with this kind of moral ambiguity right now.