Bennett: Don’t feel sorry for me, Cohen. I don’t want your pity! I —

What am I saying?!

Pity me all you want! I’m a sad, pathetic, wretched shell of a man. So much that it’s not even worth sending me to jail. Just letting me live my life is punishment enough!

Cybele: It ‘s gonna take more than that to win him over, boss! He’s feeling awful betrayed. I think he wanted you and him to be friends!

Bennett: Nobody asked for your opinion, Cybele!

Cohen: “Friends”?

Stupid an’ sentimental. I was hoping for an interested ally, obviously. Woulda been ridiculous to go beyond that, huh? Friends, hah! Don’t make me laugh. People in my position don’t have friends.

Bennett: . . . Cybele?

Cybele: Yeah, boss?

Bennett: I’m asking for your opinion now.

Cybele: Awesome.