Bennett: So, long story short, you need a secret spy to ferret out whoever is secretly spying on you? I will definitely need Cybele’s help for that.

Cohen: No. That’s a job for somebody I actually trust.

Bennett: In other words, a friend. Which you don’t have. I’m the next best thing, right?

Unless there’s someone you have more leverage over than you do over me. Somehow I find that very hard to believe! Especially since we’re on film right now. And on that note, please let me get up.

Cybele: What’s going on out there?



I can’t see you guys. Is everything okay? Cohen, if you hurt him, all deals are off!

Bennett: It’s fine, Cybele! We were just . . . negotiating! Right. Nothing else! And definitely not anything inappropriate for young eyes!

Cohen: You realize she’s older than both of us put together.

Bennett: Doesn’t matter! She’s still my little —

I mean —

This is your fault! You put this in my head, with your comparing Beings to children!

Cohen: Okay. She can go with you.