Bennett: So this is the room on top of your special Being-storage cell . . . Kind of a dump. You could at least wash all that graffiti off the walls.

Cohen: That isn’t graffiti. I painted them myself. Scares Beings. Cheap-as-hell trick, but hey, it works.

Bennett: Geez, you think you painted enough of them? No way am I dragging Cybele through this!

Cohen: Tell you what. Just this once, I’ll let their power be blocked. All you’ll have to do is order her not to be afraid. How’s that sound? Good deal?

(Totally bluffing. An order from Master can always override a sigil.)

Bennett: Y-yes! Very generous of you.

(Totally falls for it.)

Cohen: Before we pull her out, though —

Bennett: I agree! I accept! Whatever it is, I’ll do it!

Cohen: Not a demand. Just have to tell you somethin’. And I’d rather not say it in front of her.

Bennett: If it’s at all suspicious, I’ll tell her anyway, so she can figure out what to do about it.

Cohen: Just listen.

There’s something that could hurt her way worse than these sigils. Somethin’ you have to watch out for.